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Stockton SOUP is an event held in Stockton-on-Tees, where the community comes together to hear about and fund local projects.

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SOUP #15

22nd January 2019

6:30 – ARC Stockton Arts Centre

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26th March 2019

6:30 – ARC Stockton Arts Centre

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14th May 2019

6:30 – ARC Stockton Arts Centre

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December 2018 – Stockton SOUP #14

Cross Rhythms Teesside

The first project of the night was Cross Rhythms Teesside! CRT is a non-profit, community radio station (107.1 FM) that is focused on sharing faith, hope, and love through radio and media. They want to share a message of love to those in Teesside and believe that it has the power to transform the hearts and lives of their listeners.

They pitched for some new, much needed equipment. Not only do they hope to update their equipment, but they were also very keen to get more local people involved on their radio station.

Cross Rhythms Teesside received 15% of the vote and walked away with £98.07 of funding.

Community Bridges

A budding project with the vision and hope to set up a drop-in at the Parkfield Community Centre for people of all backgrounds, especially asylum seekers, to receive much-needed support, community, and connections. 

They’ve aptly chosen ‘bridges’ as part of their name because they represent a link between people and places, and Community Bridges’ aim is to help refugees integrate into English society by providing English classes and a safe space they can rely on for support.

Their funds from the evening will go to paying for English tutors, redecorating the building, and their community garden.

They received 17% of the vote and went home with £114.42 of funding.

Building Blox

Are a support service set up by parent/cares of children with additional needs FOR parents and carers of children with additional needs (no diagnosis required).

They are based in the heart of their community at the Newtown Resource Centre. They have a positive and empowering ethos with a focus on giving parents the tools and encouragement they need to not just survive but thrive as they look after their child with additional needs. 

One way they want to do this is by starting a lending library and quiet space as an extra resource where parents can educate themselves about their child’s needs. It can offer much-needed understanding, relief, and support as they realise that they are not in this alone.

They received 36% of the vote and received £237.01 funds to start their library.

Melting Pot

Melting Pot is a support service for Asylum Seekers who have lost everything trying to settle here in England. By meeting the physical needs of these asylum seekers they are seeking to provide much-needed hope to those who are facing the worst that life has to offer.

Not only does Melting Pot collect basic food items to give out weekly to unsupported asylum seekers, but every Christmas they look to collect extra toiletries and food to give out. At Soup, they were hoping to receive the funds to go that extra bit further this Christmas, so that they can give even more to those who have nothing.

They received 32% of the vote and got £212.49 funding toward their Christmas collection.

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