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Stockton SOUP is an event held in Stockton-on-Tees, where the community comes together to hear about and fund local projects.

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SOUP #13

26th September 2018

6:30 – ARC Stockton Arts Centre

SOUP #14

21st November 2018

6:30 – ARC Stockton Arts Centre

SOUP #15

22nd January 2019

6:30 – ARC Stockton Arts Centre

Previous Events & Pitchers

July 2018 – Stockton SOUP #12

Hidden Talents

Hidden Talents are seeking to bring together two socially isolated communities, lonely older people and refugees or those seeking asylum, through dance, cultural arts, singing crafts and music.

In doing so, they hope to improve the quality of life, increase community cohesion, and reduce social isolation. The money will be used to hire a venue for the project.

Hidden Talents received 26% of the vote, £293.74

Red Balloons

Through Red Balloons, Claire wants to be a champion for Stockton helping improve our mental health with positive physical health. Through personal experiences of depression and anxiety, she has witnessed first hand the transformative power of physical exercise, personal goal setting and education in tackling mental health illnesses.

Claire is committed to supporting and facilitating others on their journeys as well. The money is going towards organising a community rounders tournament in the summer.

Red Balloons received 14% of the vote, £159.46

Cycling Without Age

Cycling Without Age’s aim to get older and disabled people out and into their communities. They’ll do this by taking people for a ride on a Trishaw bike, a three-wheeled cycle with seats up front for two passengers. This simple act allows passengers to reconnect with the community in which they live, have fun, and share their stories with the trishaw pilot and their fellow passenger, who could be their caregiver, a professional carer or family member.

Money raised at Stockton SOUP will go towards the £5,000 needed to fund the purchase of their Trishaw.

Cycling without Age received 33% of the vote, £377.67

The Reach Project

The Reach Project wants to put on a photographic exhibition to allow people with disabilities to tell and share their own stories, aspirations, achievements in life, and experiences of living in Stockton.

The Reach Project wants to reshape and open wider the social conversation around disability in our community highlighting the positive, challenge assumptions and help people with disabilities be viewed in a different light. The money will go towards equipment and the hire of a venue.

The Reach Project received 27% of the vote, £310.53

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